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Expert Property Care with PGS Services

  • A team of account managers to personally look after every customer
  • A hand picked trade expert carefully chosen for your job
  • A friendly & efficient approach with an upfront service level promise
  • An online platform to support tradespeople with a range of useful tools
  • A service that's always improving through the application of technology
Hello there,
We're Nick, Richard and Dominic. We run PGS Services with the simple mission of becoming the most customer friendly trade services company in the UK. Read on for a brief introduction to PGS and the people behind the company.

The three of us became friends many years ago when we were at school together in Hinchley Wood, Surrey. Around 20 years later, with various skills and business experiences under our collective belt, a fortunate turn of events saw each of us ready for a new challenge at around the same time. Finally, after a couple of weeks of discussions, on a chilly October afternoon, we met up and agreed to join forces and become the PGS team.


In the beginning the winters were colder (or so it seemed...) and initially the office staff consisted of just Nick and Dominic frantically doing everything involving customer service, marketing and administration, whilst Richard and his small but enthusiastic team of plumbing and heating engineers battled through the snow to mend boilers and fix frozen pipes.


After a brief period of paper processing chaos our old friend and technology guru, Patrick, joined up with us to restore order with the creation of a (sometimes alarmingly) efficient business management system. We call her Aggie.

Since then we have welcomed several wonderful people into our team, we've added more trades to our repertoire and we've continued to hone our customer service skills. Meanwhile Patrick ploughs on with the job he started all those years ago, the seemingly endless tinkering and refinement of Aggie, who now does everything from ordering parts to paying tradespeople.


Although we're always looking for ways to improve our organisation by harnessing technology, we understand that for a business like ours, it's the people within it that make the difference between success and failure. We wrote our service level promise as a way to guide our approach and set out the commitment that we have to our customers.

Having celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2015, we're looking forward to pushing on with our mission and winning over more happy customers through quality work and amazing customer service.

Thanks for visiting our website and we hope to hear from you soon.

Nick Rich Dom

P.S. Just in case that leaves you wanting to find out a little more about us we thought it might be good to let you know about some other interesting facts (...well we think they're interesting anyway).

Interesting fact #1. Many of our team work from home

We like this because it means we can recruit from the best people in the country, and not just our local area. It also means that we're never reliant on a single internet connection or telephone line and we're not at the mercy of weather or traffic preventing people from getting to work. It's also nice for people to be able to work from home!

Interesting fact #2. Our office is (almost) paper free

We're trying our hardest and we're nearly there. After introducing our paperless job report system in 2014 which all but stopped the flow of incoming paperwork, we've now sold all our filing cabinets, donated over 100 ring binders and had a scanning party. Now virtually all our documents are up in the clouds!

Interesting fact #3. Aggie contains more than a million lines of code

She came to life in 2008 and still isn't finished. We usually add a new feature every couple of days and hopefully each one makes things run a little more smoothly, helping us concentrate on talking to our customers instead of shuffling around pieces of paper!

Interesting fact #4. We have our own TV channel

In 2013 we had award winning film maker and photographer Dan Childs follow our trades team making short films and taking photographs. During his time with us, Dan made some brilliant films and took some stunning photographs, many of which can be seen across this website, on our YouTube channel and proudly hung in our office.

Interesting fact #5. Our values are golden!

To remind each of us how we do things at PGS, we all work in constant view of our '5 Golden Values'.

Obsess over customers
Take ownership
Embrace change
Build a great team spirit
Do more with less