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Our blog
Welcome to our blog. As well as all the latest PGS company news we also blog about property maintenance issues and other topics that affect us and our customers.

Recently recruited for the customer services team, Shada brings a dynamic approach, a spirit of adventure and a healthy dose of creative flair.

Shada works remotely from Manchester and brings with her considerable property maintenance experience.

Mark talks with Danny Dawson about his life as an electrician, business, future plans...and Bolivian politics.

We've also got a lovely photo of Danny and his little boy, Bo, sporting a PGS t-shirt from our 'junior experts' range.

Full article here.

Every month we hope to learn a little more about how to better serve our customers. We're always on the look out for little pearls of wisdom, or new and improved tools to help us to do a better job for customers. Now and then it's a great to sit back and take stock of what we've achieved...and then the search continues.

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He's been a top performing trade partner with the PGS family for many years, a favourite with the customer service team and effortlessly picks up feedback scores to die for, his place in PGS folklaw has long since been cemented.

His name is Ryan Flavell.

Read more here.

It can be a bit of a roller coaster ride but we still love feedback and it's an important part of how we monitor our performance. 

In this post I briefly explain our approach to feedback and then (if you've got a spare 4 minutes) you can watch our showreel of the feedback and review highlights from the past month. Click for more

Hello and welcome to our new website.

Since we've got a new website we thought we'd wipe the slate clean and get started with a new blog as well.

Read on...