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Welcome to our blog. As well as all the latest PGS company news we also blog about property maintenance issues and other topics that affect us and our customers.

One of the most common home plumbing issues is also the easiest to avoid. I am talking about a blocked, clogged, or slow running drain. Regardless of what you call it, the reason behind the issue is always the same. Something was put down the drain that didn’t belong there. 

In today’s eco-conscious world, more and more people are coming round to the benefits of power flushing their central heating in order to improve their energy efficiency. If you’ve never heard about the ways of a power flush or are on the fence, here we’ll talk you through the huge benefits.

Spring brings us warmer and longer days. For many homeowners, it means time for some spring cleaning and home maintenance. After a few coldwinter months, maintenance tasks for plumbing could be long overdue. 

Now that the New Year is in full swing and many of us are getting back into our normal routines after the festive season, it’s time to look forward into the new year and make some changes or improvements in our lives.

Our operation remains mostly unaffected by the virus situation and we remain committed to keeping our staff and tradespeople in work and safely serving our customers.

Water is one of our planet's most valuable resources. Without it, life on Earth, including humans, animals, and plants, would cease to exist. There are many areas throughout the world that don't have enough water to sustain life and this is already upsetting the planet’s ecosystem.

We've hit the target! PGS got us off to a good start with a pledge of 50% of the target. Our customers and staff then very generously donated the remaining 50% to get us up to beyond £4,600 which is the amount required to carry out a clean water project in Zambia.

The Water Regulation Advisory Scheme (WRAS) recently did a survey that found that almost a third (32%) of Brits have had to call a plumber to fix a DIY blunder. WRAS undertook this survey in an attempt to urge people to think carefully when it comes to tackling the plumbing yourself.

In these uncertain times we would like to update you on what PGS is doing to help manage the situation in our work environment.

For many of us, a hot shower after a long day at work is something that we look forward to. Feeling the water beating down on our tired, sore muscles is therapeutic and it has a way of washing away the stress of the day.

As we kick off September and say hello to that slight chill in the air, it’s time to start thinking about things you can do before you turn the heating back on! ...

Since lockdown started, we have seen many use this time to spruce up their homes. Whether it’s giving a room a new lease of life or showing a forgotten corner some much-needed TLC, DIY disasters can happen. 

It’s easy to call a plumber when you have a plumbing issue, but you can typically fix many common plumbing problems on your own and avoid unnecessary expenses.

For landlords, it can be difficult to understand your gas safety responsibilities and to protect your tenants and your property from an accidental gas leak or explosion. Landlords are responsible for their properties and they have an important duty of care to their tenants. 

Now that spring is here again, many homeowners are taking the time to do any repairs they might have had to put off during the winter. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has been sweeping the globe and changing the way our lives look for all of us. Though it might feel like life has come to a standstill, the truth is that life and accidents still happen and so many of us may find that we need a helping hand during all this, and it isn’t always clear what is and isn’t essential! 

An average household in the UK uses about 500,000 litres of water each year. At this rate, water shortage is becoming more common here in the UK and also many parts around the world. Any little improvement in water usage contributes significantly in reducing annual consumption.

Spring cleaning time is almost upon us as much of the UK begins to thaw out from the rather unusual winter that we have just had. For many homeowners spring cleaning includes scrubbing, scouring and decluttering every area of the house.

In January 2020, after receiving nearly 10,000 responses on the original version, and running for nearly six years, we have now updated the feedback questions and reset the survey.

Click here to see the final scores of the original PGS feedback survey.

No matter how clean you keep your bathroom, there is always going to be the possibility of mould growing on, under, or behind any of the surfaces. This is because mould isn’t caused by a lack of cleanliness, but high levels of humidity, common in most bathrooms. 

A winter blizzard can be a devastating period to many home owners. The cold temperatures can burst pipes, cause drains to leak and stop the circulation of warm water to your home. This can cause your home to become uninhabitable and your life miserable.

Are you looking to purchase a new home? Have you been house viewing and can’t seem to find one that is right for you and your family? If so, don’t worry just yet...

Whether you are buying a new home, or just maintaining your current home, an inspection of your home’s plumbing system is important. Plumbers suggest that you inspect your plumbing on a yearly basis to ensure that it is in good condition and that you are able to have any repairs done before they become worse.

Target: £4,600

We're working to raise enough money to sponsor a project run by charity Village Water constructing a well that will provide clean water to a community in a rural village location in Zambia. We're hoping to involve as many friends, tradespeople and staff as possible.

Click here for more information.

This seems to be a message that we deliver every year as the winter weather sets in but we are going to say it again because we cannot stress it enough.

The winter weather brings more than snow, ice and freezing temperatures, it also brings with it some of the UK’s dodgiest plumbers. Click here to read more.

In a win for renters who have been wronged by their landlords, a Norfolk property owner was recently sentenced in a landmark case. The landlord in question plead guilty to breaching Section 21 of the Health & Safety Work etc. Act 1974 and breaching Regulation 36(2) and Regulation 36(3) of the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 and was sentenced this past month.

Let’s take a closer look at what happened and what caused this landlord to plead guilty in this case. Click here to read more.

Saving money is something that we can all understand and saving money on home repairs and refurbishments can add up quickly. Many UK homeowners see the value in refurbishing their homes and often take on home repair projects by themselves thinking that they can handle it.

In many cases, they can. But there are times when they should contact a home repair expert to do the job

Electricity gives us comfort, entertainment, light and the ability to power our mobile devices so we can stay connected with our family and friends. It heats our homes in the winter and cools them in the summer and electricity lights our way in the dark. It is impossible to imagine what life would be like if electricity was never discovered.

With all of the benefits that electricity has to offer, it can be difficult to imagine it as dangerous. Click for more

One of the most talked about and lamented aspects of hiring a contractor for home repairs is the lack of customer service some homeowners encounter. Any time you are the customer, you look closely at a vendor's customer service rating before choosing to hire their services or purchase their products.

The same can be true for the trade services industry.... click for full article

Are you positive, friendly, efficient and able to work well under pressure with excellent communication skills?

We're looking for new customer service personnel so if you'd like to work with a great team of like-minded people and are happy working from home then check out this job posting.... Read more here

He's been a top performing trade partner with the PGS family for many years, a favourite with the customer service team and effortlessly picks up feedback scores to die for, his place in PGS folklaw has long since been cemented.

His name is Ryan Flavell.

Read more here.

It can be a bit of a roller coaster ride but we still love feedback and it's an important part of how we monitor our performance. 

In this post I briefly explain our approach to feedback and then (if you've got a spare 4 minutes) you can watch our showreel of the feedback and review highlights from the past month. Click for more