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5 Common Plumbing Problems And What To Do About Them
Written by PGS Admin
21st July 2020

It’s easy to call a plumber when you have a plumbing issue, but you can typically fix many common plumbing problems on your own and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Here are five common plumbing problems and what you should do to fix them:

Noisy Pipes- pipes often have high-pitched squeaks or banging noises. Hot water pipes may squeak, because when metal pipe expands, there will be more friction in the pipe strap. You need to put rubber cushions between the strap and the metal pipe. Water pipes may also bang against the floor joists and raise a racket, when improperly installed. Because banging pipes are loose, you can anchor them by adding more straps. Other than using rubber cushion, you may also use foam pipe insulation, a length of garden hose or an old inner tube to secure any loose pipes to the joists.

Leaky Pipes- leaky pipes may cause flooding and extensive water damage to the interior or home structure. A temporary solution is to shut off the water supply and apply epoxy putty on leaky spots. A more permanent solution is to clamp small leaks. Durable pipe clamps have rubber gaskets that ensure a tight seal. You only need to tighten the bolts and stop the leak. Contact a professional plumber if the leak persists.

Low Water Pressure- this problem could be caused by a clogged aerator or faucet if there’s no detectable leak in your plumbing system. Remove the faucet and check the aerator for any build-up or debris. If the aerator is clogged and dirty, you can soak it for a few hours in a water and vinegar solution. Use a toothbrush to clean any debris. If possible, replace the aerator. If your water heater has low pressure, you need to check the shut-off valve.

Slow Draining Sink- check the stopper because it may catch soap deposits, hair, and various debris. In many sinks, it is possible to remove the stopper. Soak the stopper in a warm water and vinegar solution for a few hours and clean it up with brush. If the pipe is clogged, you need to use drain cleaning tool to dislodge hair and other debris. It is important to lift the debris out of the drainpipe instead of flushing it through.

Running Toilet- sediment inside the tank may affect the flushing and filling operations. Remove the sediment with paper towel until the tank is completely clean. It is a good idea to add small amount of food colouring into the tank to detect possible leakage.

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