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Are Plumbers Available During the Coronavirus Lockdown?
Written by PGS Admin
8th April 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has been sweeping the globe and changing the way our lives look for all of us. Though it might feel like life has come to a standstill, the truth is that life and accidents still happen and so many of us may find that we need a helping hand during all this, and it isn’t always clear what is and isn’t essential! So, today, we’re addressing a popular question – are plumbers available during the coronavirus lockdown?

Are Plumbers Still Working?

At PGS all of our office staff are now permanently working from home and our telephone and IT systems are completely internet-based. We have around 150 tradespeople available to work with us and, at present, our operation is unaffected by the outbreak. Our commitment is, as it has always been, to our customers. In fact, as it has never been more important for people to stay at home, it is important to us that everyone is warm and safe and comfortable.

When can I call a Plumber?

When it comes to protecting our team and our customers from Covid-19, we are following and sharing the government guidelines with you. You may call upon a plumber in the case of an emergency, such as your boiler breaking – which has been more common in recent weeks as the demand for hot water and heating has increased with everyone at home more, or a sanitary issue etc.

How Will we Protect Each Other During a Job?

None of our working tradespeople are showing any symptoms nor have tested positive for the virus and we are continuously monitoring this to ensure everyone’s safety. As well as this, we have changed some of the ways in which we work including:

  • no handshakes on arrival
  • a safe 2 metre distance minimum throughout the property
  • good hygiene practice including hand washing

We remain on top of government updates and advice, continuously reviewing measures to ensure that everybody is safe during this time. From all of us here at PGS, we wish you well and safe, and, should you need us, do not hesitate to contact us or call us on 0203 819 7050.