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Avoiding Plumbing Emergencies this Winter
Written by PGS Admin
19th December 2019

A winter blizzard can be a devastating period to many home owners. The cold temperatures can burst pipes, cause drains to leak and stop the circulation of warm water to your home. This can cause your home to become uninhabitable and your life miserable.  To enjoy this winter season it is important you do a number of things to avoid such plumbing emergency. Some of the important actions you need to take include:

1)      Clean and Bleed the Radiator

Usually homes are heated during the winter by flowing hot water. Here is where the radiator plays a critical role in ensuring your home remains warms during the coldest temperature of the winter.  If your radiator is dirty or has air bubbles trapped inside then it loses its effectiveness.  It is therefore recommended that you inspect your home radiator while the temperatures are still warmer. If necessary clean and bleed it in readiness for the cold temperatures of the winter. This will give you peace of mind and you won’t be forced to call your plumber to help in the heart of winter.

2)      Insulate Water Pipes

Pipes play a crucial role of supplying your home with water all through the years. However, during winter water in the pipes can freeze due to the very cold temperatures. The problem with this is that water expands when it freezes. This will likely not just stop the flow of water to your home but may cause the pipes to bursts leading to serious structural damage to your home. This in turn can be very costly.  To avoid such an emergency where there is no water in your home and the pipes have burst, then it is important you consider insulating the water pipes long before the cold winters. This will keep the water from freezing in the pipes and this keep the supply on even in the coldest temperature.

3)      Take Care of your Drains

 The devastating winter emergency you can have is blocked drains.  If your drains are blocked then all the dirty water being poured down the drain will not flow and this will cause a serious backflow that may affect the ambience of your home. The best way to avoid such an emergency is to take care of your drains both before and during the winter. First, make sure that you don’t pour oil and grease down your drains. This is because oils, grease and fat tend to freeze more quickly in cold temperatures and this lead to blocked drains.  Next, regularly use drain-unblocker to clear debris from the drains and keep them unblocked. Finally use covers to ensure that foodstuffs and hair do not end up down your drains.

Still Need Help?

In case you need help due to plumbing emergencies don’t hesitate to call PGS Services. Our teams of highly skilled and experienced plumbers will help trouble shoot any plumbing nightmare you may be facing. In addition, the team will apply their knowhow and specialist equipments to ensure that they resolve your problem as soon as possible.