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Research Finds 32% Of Brits Call Plumbers To Fix DIY Disasters
Written by PGS Admin
12th November 2020

The Water Regulation Advisory Scheme (WRAS) recently did a survey that found that almost a third (32%) of Brits have had to call a plumber to fix a DIY blunder. WRAS undertook this survey in an attempt to urge people to think carefully when it comes to tackling the plumbing yourself.

Many of us are great at DIY and with all of us stuck at home during lockdown, it’s easy to see why you would want to tackle some issues in your own home yourself. This survey reminds us that it’s important to rethink the tasks you are competent enough to do. Even a simple task like fitting a washing machine needs some knowledge you can’t simply search on YouTube for. Things like water fittings regulations for example. A common mistake when fitting a washing machine is using a non-compliant hose with no back-flow protection.

The research also shows that people in the UK are not afraid to try their hand at more complex tasks such as installing a toilet, repairing a boiler or even trying to replace an underground service pipe.

Even if you know your house really well, plumbing can be challenging. We agree with WRAS when they recommend seeking help from a professional plumber. This is the best way to prevent causing damage to your home. You may end up paying more if you get one in after you try to fix it yourself as they’ll be fixing twice the damage.

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