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Customer Service in the Trade Services Industry
Written by Richard Wallace
14th February 2018

One of the most talked about and lamented aspects of hiring a contractor for home repairs is the lack of customer service some homeowners encounter. Any time you are the customer, you look closely at a vendor's customer service rating before choosing to hire their services or purchase their products. The same can be true for the trade services industry as many homeowners turn to the internet to read ratings and reviews of contractors in their area. This way, they can choose the best contractor for the job and feel confident they will be getting the service they need.

There is another side to this as many tradespeople often ignore the fact that their service might be lacking even if they are providing quality workmanship. Being successful in the building trades industry requires a combination of both and the customer service element should not be overlooked.

Better Communication is the Key
How can homeowners and building contractors find a solution to this problem. They key to ensuring all parties are happy is communication. Having proper communication between contractors and customers is important and it could mean the difference between a successful contracting company or one that loses customers because of bad reviews.

Studies show that increased communication could resolve more than 75% of all complaints in the trade services industry. This can save both homeowner and contractor a lot of time and money.

In London, there are still many "smash and grab" tradespeople who are more interested in getting paid than in providing quality service. Fortunately, due to the transparency created by the internet, these companies are now a dying breed. Many forward thinking firms, including PGS, are working to promote quality workmanship together with great customer service throughout the industry.

The PGS Solution
PGS promote and manage a network of tradespeople with members throughout the London area. The focus in on ensuring that members are always working to provide great customer service. The aim is to build trust that can lead to long term relationships with customers. This results in repeat business and word of mouth referrals.

Better customer service and communication will make the trade services industry more efficient for everyone and will improve the quality of tradespeople for London homeowners.

If you're a tradesperson with a passion for great customer services then why not join the industry’s most successful network of professional tradespeople? Check out our dedicated website and sign up today.