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DIY Disasters And How To Avoid Them During Lockdown
Written by PGS Admin
7th August 2020

Since lockdown started, we have seen many use this time to spruce up their homes. Whether it’s giving a room a new lease of life or showing a forgotten corner some much-needed TLC, DIY disasters can happen. New research by Aviva shows that nearly a third of households end up paying for a professional after a DIY fail and one in ten will end up cashing out more than £2,000 fixing mistakes. Not only does this cost extra time and money, some DIY jobs could even lower the value of your home. Let’s take a look at the most common DIY fails and how to avoid them.

Remember the risks

Many have tried their hand at jobs that seem simple such as changing the radiator or re-painting to cut down on costs. You know those odd jobs that you never get round to doing. Although you think it looks easy enough, it’s important to remind yourself of the risks involved too. For example, changing a radiator incorrectly could led to a water leak. Leaks are not easy to fix without professional help and you could damage your property and possessions in the process!

Always plan

If you’re using this time to add to your art or work on that gallery wall finally, remember drilling holes requires planning. That’s right, it’s not as straight forward as simply picking a place and drilling! More often than not, people attempting DIY accidentally drill holes through pipes or electrical cables. Another very costly mistake that can be easily be avoided.

Some things are better left for the professionals

It’s important to know your limits and not to attempt tasks that could be better left to professionals. We love ambitious folk but don’t endanger yourself! Tasks you shouldn’t attempt yourself are ones that involve electricity, gas or plumbing.

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