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Our blog
Introducing...Danny Dawson
Written by Mark Devonshire
6th June 2016

At the same time as Evo Morales secured his third presidential term in Bolivia, PGS gained one of our most popular electricians. Danny Dawson came to a meeting with Richard on 3rd October 2014 (hence known as 'The Other D-Day' and has never really left.

After destiny in the form of an experienced friend diverted him away from quantity surveying towards electricianship he has managed to cover all the bases from industrial work to commercial and the domestic arenas. The feedback we get back (and Dan gets about 80% of his work via PGS) suggests that he hasn't missed a thing, but as a Spurs fan it is possible that learning everything there is to learn about electrical systems is some kind of coping mechanism...

Another recently proud father (as in he became a father recently and is proud rather than being a father who's waited ages to be made proud) if he wasn't an electrician he'd be in a band, or if money wasn't a problem, enjoying a beach. Once that lost its novelty he'd build a new business and watch it grow. He didn't say whether that company would be an aggressive competitor to PGS, but there was an atmosphere that suggested we watch the skies.