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Looking after your boiler in the spring
Written by PGS Admin
12th May 2020

Now that spring is here again, many homeowners are taking the time to do any repairs they might have had to put off during the winter. Home maintenance and repair are just two important aspects of owning a home and they need to be done properly to ensure that your home will last.

One aspect of that home maintenance and repair that often goes overlooked is the boiler. Your boiler system works hard throughout the year to keep your home comfortable and to provide hot water for cleaning, laundry, and showers. When your boiler stops working, life can become quite miserable until it is repaired.

This is where preventive maintenance comes in. By properly looking after your boiler in the spring, you will get many more years of service out of it.

Let’s take a look at some things that you can do to keep your boiler operating properly this spring:

Check For Leakages
A leaking boiler can happen any time and, when it does, you could have serious flooding issues. When checking for leaks, check that the fittings are still tightly connected and that the seals around the boiler are still in place. Look for any drips or wet spots on the floor and, if you do see any, contact a professional plumbing service immediately.

Listen For Bubbles
Boilers do make many strange noises, but you should never hear a bubbling sound coming from your boiler. A bubbling sound it could be a sign that there is a problem and your boiler could need service. If you do hear a bubbling noise coming from your boiler, call a professional boiler engineer to check out the boiler and perform any repairs needed.

Beware Of Blockages
Blockages in your home’s boiler system are just as bad as leaks and, if left unattended, they could eventually lead to leaks. To identify a blockage in your boiler system, check to see if your radiators are heating up properly, or if there are any cold spots.

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