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Meet the team - Shada Iqbal
Written by Mark Devonshire
15th June 2016

The latest addition to our team of account managers is Shada, and as no one has ever met her it's high time we at least knew more about her. A strong background as a facilities manager prior to moving into scheduling mean that anyone fortunate enough to book their jobs with Shada will have no problem with communication or the execution of their planned work.

But it's not all work is it, as that can lead to homicidal mania, if you think 'The Shining' is a really long fly-on-the-wall documentary about the perils of mixing hotel management with being a novelist. Which rather laboured reference allows me to mention that Shada is herself a writer, and an active one at that, with ambitions to make it her career. Not only literature but also film, as she was an extra in the classic 'Trainspotting' AND will also be in 'Trainspotting 2', which says something for Danny Boyle's obsession with continuity. A self-declared 90s rave chick who's experienced Leftfield serenading the sunset over Valencia, she fits right in too.

Drawn to PGS by the attitude and I quote "dedication to its customers, each and everyone are special!" as well as the team spirit, we are very happy to welcome her aboard and totally support her wish to one day be able to combine it with her voluntary work to, again in her own words, "help young girls all over the world gain access to education!"

(Editor's note: since this was written we got together for our annual summer party in London and so many of us have now met Shada in person. Great company on a night out, we can now confirm that Shada is a perfect fit for the PGS well as being a genuine 90s raver.)