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Our blog
New website, new blog
Written by Dominic Chapman
1st March 2016
Hello and welcome to our new website.

Since we've got a new website we thought we'd wipe the slate clean and get started with a new blog as well.

Anyone who is involved in looking after a website, blog or social media account for a small business will know that it can be hard to maintain a consistent approach, it's very easy to lapse into a quiet period when you get busy with other pressing issues.

There's no point giving yourself a hard time about it. The reality is that the other issues really are more pressing. You can't tell the tax office that you couldn't submit your VAT return on time because you were too busy writing about the pros and cons of a solar powered hot water system.

So why bother? Certainly not because there are hundreds of people eagerly awaiting the next PGS blog release. Let's not kid ourselves, and besides we can see from our website usage statistics that this simply isn't the case.

The reason to write the blog, send the tweet, post on Facebook is quite simple. When the reader comes to look for you, that one person who is your customer, potential customer or just someone with a passing interest, you want to be there for her.

As for the website, well it's pretty basic on the face of it, it's more lightweight than our old one. We've gone for a clean look and feel with less content and fiddly bits but with better compatibility and ease of use.

It should be working nicely on the full spectrum of device sizes, although I confess that I haven't checked it in every device so if you're reading this on your phone I hope everything is where it should be.

In the coming weeks and months (depending on the tax return situation) we'll be adding some more posts so if you do drop by again, hopefully we'll have something new for you.

Until then, thanks for looking.