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How To Make Sure Your Plumbing and Heating is Ready for Autumn
Written by PGS Admin
9th September 2020

As we kick off September and say hello to that slight chill in the air, it’s time to start thinking about things you can do before you turn the heating back on! One thing we see happen every year is people experiencing issues with their boilers because they have turned the heating on after being off for the majority of spring and summer. There are things you can do now to minimise the chances of breaking down when you need them most.

Turn your heating on now

If only for a bit! It’s a proven fact that your boiler benefits from turning your heating on for 10-15 minutes every month or so throughout the hotter months. It keeps all your right parts working and is also an opportunity to pinpoint any potential issues at a time where it’s most convenient to get them sorted. There’s always a massive backlog during the colder months!

Check your radiators and bleed them if necessary

One thing that happens with the performance of radiators during the colder months is excess air trapped in them. We always recommend bleeding your radiators periodically as you can check to see whether yours are affected by putting the heating on. How do you identify if there is a problem? If they only heat at the bottom, they need bleeding.

Don’t forget external pipework

Pipes freezing during the colder months is a very common problem. This also extends to your condensate pipe from the boiler. Always check the joints for signs of wear and tear, weak spots, and replace/repair any that don’t look robust.

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