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Spring Plumbing Top Tips
Written by PGS Admin
23rd February 2021

Spring brings us warmer and longer days. For many homeowners, it means time for some spring cleaning and home maintenance. After a few coldwinter months, maintenance tasks for plumbing could be long overdue. Your spring-cleaning tasks should always include plumbing maintenance as well as a call to a local plumber for an inspection of your plumbing system.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some spring plumbing tips for your home:

Check For Leaking Pipes- water expands when it freezes. Repeated freezing and thawing cycles could weaken pipes and cause small fractures. Signs of leaks are damp spots, growth of mould, lower water pressure, unusual noises, and higher water bills. Before going to bed, write down the water meter reading and turn off all faucets. If you see any change the following morning, it could indicate possible leakage. If leaky pipes are exposed and accessible, you may fix it. If not, you may need to call a professional plumber.

Maintain Your Boiler- your hard-working boiler system kept the whole family comfortable and warm during winter. It’s time to give it some well-deserved maintenance. The first step in spring boiler maintenance is to check for leaks. After a long, cold winter, it’s quite common for pipes which have gone through many freeze and thaw cycles to split. Check the seals around the boiler to ensure that they are still in place and that the fittings are still tightly connected.

The next step is to listen for bubbles. If your boiler is making a bubbling sound, contact a plumber right away. Finally, check for any blockages. A blockage could cause boiler failure resulting in damage to both your boiler and your central heating system.

Check Gutters And Outdoor Plumbing- if spring is usually wet in your area with regular rains, make sure to clear up any dry leaves and twigs from gutters. Blocked gutters may flood your roofs and some water could enter the loft. This may cause water damage. Before the first spring downpour, your gutter should be completely clean. If you forgot to drain outdoor pipes, there could be possible leaks. Check for drips on exposed outdoor pipes and unusually damp soil. Although leaks on outdoor plumbing are less damaging, they can still be costly. Often, outdoor leaks are easier to solve, because you can fix exposed pipes or dig up buried pipes. 

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