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Watch out for dodgy plumbers this winter
Written by Nick White
19th December 2018

This seems to be a message that we deliver every year as the winter weather sets in but we are going to say it again because we cannot stress it enough. The winter weather brings more than snow, ice and freezing temperatures, it also brings with it some of the UK’s dodgiest plumbers. If you are a homeowner, we are sure that you may have dealt with a plumber that has taken advantage of you when it came to billing, repairs or not being as qualified as they said they were. It is estimated that homeowners have spent more than £2.6bn to pay for additional work that was needed to repair plumbing jobs performed by unqualified or unsafe plumbers.

During late summer to mid-autumn, the amount of requests for boiler service increases by 72% as homeowners are preparing their homes for the cold of winter. Finding out that your boiler has problems when the snow is flying is too late so calling early is standard practice. As temperatures continue to fall, that number will increase dramatically and that means dodgy plumbers will be ready to answer the call.

Always choose qualified, registered tradesmen
When contacting a tradesperson for service, you should always ensure that they are qualified and registered. This means that you will get the best plumber for the job and the work will be completed properly as well. It might not be the least expensive option, but it is the most reliable. The problem the industry is seeing, however, is that many homeowners are trying to get the best deal possible and save as much money on their plumbing service that they can. This means choosing the cheapest, although not the best, plumber because they are looking at cost, not quality.

In fact, more than 2/3 of all UK homeowners choose a plumber based on cost alone, whether or not they are registered with an approved contractors' scheme or have any professional credentials. This can be a dangerous practice and could end up costing the homeowner a lot of money in the end to have the repair redone by a professional. There are also safety factors at risk when choosing an unqualified plumber to perform repairs on your boiler system included water contamination and the risk of explosion.

Find a trusted professional today
If you need a plumber, be sure to contact a trusted professional who is qualified and registered to ensure the work is performed correctly and you’re your home and your family are kept safe and comfortable this season. To find a qualified plumber backed up by a Service Level Promise you can count on, visit PGS Services today!

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