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Service level promise
Our service level promise
We have high standards and we know you do too. The purpose of our service level promise is to explain exactly what type of service you can expect from us before, during and after a job.

We always welcome your feedback and because we're passionate about delivering a great service, if we let you down, we'll only ever expect you to pay as much as you feel the service you receive is worth.

It's our commitment to you and it's a reminder for us, this is our service level promise.

Before the job...

We promise to:

  • introduce your dedicated team of account managers - your main point of contact
  • respond promptly to all calls, enquiries and booking requests
  • be polite, friendly and clear in all forms of communication
  • avoid technical terms and trade jargon
  • take the time to really understand the requirement or problem
  • clearly communicate applicable charging structures
  • do everything in our power to accommodate special requests
  • carefully select the most suitable tradesperson for each job
  • update customers immediately about delays and changes that might affect their booking
  • respond promptly to requests for information and always return calls as agreed

During the job...

We promise to:

  • be on time, or communicate any possible delays as early as possible
  • personally oversee the work at your property
  • put in a courtesy call ahead when we're on our way
  • wear PGS branded clothing and carry a PGS identity card
  • politely introduce ourselves on arrival with a friendly smile
  • be well prepared for every job having read and understood the job notes prior to arrival
  • communicate in a polite and friendly manner avoiding technical terms and trade jargon
  • always discuss and confirm charges before supplying materials or carrying out any work
  • carefully explain all available options before the job and, if they crop up, during the job
  • fully focus on the job at hand, minimising phone use to only the necessary
  • advise of any originally unforeseen problems as soon as they emerge
  • always let you know if any requested work cannot be covered by our standard warranty
  • be clean and tidy and clear up any mess we make in the course of our work
  • on completion of the job, describe work carried out and discuss any further options or requirements
  • confirm that you are completely happy with all the work carried out and the applicable charges before submitting a job report and payment request

After the job...

We promise to:

  • promptly provide you with a job report after each visit to your property (as well as any other required documentation)
  • promptly submit quotes and information about proposed follow up work
  • be available to discuss work carried out and any follow up issues or concerns
  • prioritise the scheduling of any follow up bookings
  • maintain an accurate record of all work carried out at your property along with all historical job reports, quotes and invoices
  • return to your property if an attempted fix proves to be unsuccessful
  • honour our warranty on all jobs (unless otherwise agreed with you)
  • process refunds or returns without any delays
  • always be here for you with your dedicated team of account managers ready to assist you with all future bookings